Basic information of Mashrabiya design

Waterjet cutting will be used to cut any sort of material and it also includes cutting wood when there will be some intricate designs will be needed in wood to decorate the walls and homes. You will get to surprise while reading that these Waterjet machines can cut any material of any thickness with great accuracy and provide less to no dross as a byproduct so there will be less wastage of your material and you will get the masterpiece every time you use that machine for your work.

In Islamic culture, wood work has a great importance and you will see some complex designs made from wood in the middle era of Islam but at that time there were no machines and the wood will be caved with hands and it was a very difficult and time taking work. But now with the help of Waterjet machines, Mashrabiya design cutting is less hectic and more refine due to the use of machinery all the designs will have the same accuracy because there is no human hands involve in that. When people were carving these designs then no 2 pieces will be the same only a minor difference will always be there because of the human work but when experts were doing that, the difference will be almost invisible and only the maker will tell that.

Using wood is like an Islamic culture in most of the countries and difficult design were made on that and sometimes verses were carved on wood and then placed on the walls and windows of different mosques. This design can be carved on many other materials like the PVC and steel but mostly people were using wood for this purpose. You need to see that which kind of work you need and in which material it will be look great and then you have to work on that.

Sometimes people will also like to paint this Mashrabiya design on outer walls of mosques along with the carved wood pieces but this wood should be the one that do not get affected by the rain and other weather conditions otherwise it will be ruined very soon and all of your money and efforts will be gone away and people will talk bad about your work and your quality of wood then they will avoid hiring.

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