The curatorial Statement

The Earth is the collective memory that is bound to our subconscious. She is a reflection of ourselves, manifesting herself as a constant flow of images that teem with scent, taste and colour.

The Creator revealed in his holy book; “From this dust We created you, and in this We shall put you back, and from this, We shall raise you up once again” (20,55), and so the Earth is a gift from God, as an abode and a base from which to spring forth into existence, and from there, into the unknown realm of possibility; “And Allah has made the Earth a spread for you, So that you may go about its broad ways” (71,20).

As we regard the Earth as a living, breathing being, so she regards us as well, monitoring the tread of humanity upon her surface and how it marks her. She sends us signs in the guise of ecosystems that have begun to disappear as a result of our greed, and omens that reveal how far we have strayed from our humanity.

Despite this, the Earth is giving and remains a place of abundance. Above all, she has bestowed upon us infinite beauty that can be seen everywhere; in the delicate spread of a dove’s wings; the transparency of a drop of water; the shimmer of colour on the back of a butterfly; the warm yellow of sandy desert dunes; the colour blue that draws its depth from the sea and its breadth from the sky; and how all of the above and beauty beyond can be perceived in the loving gaze of another.

This exhibition invites you to reflect on humanity’s relationship with the Earth, to explore whether it is reconciled with their own personal bond and how an artist’s environment is inextricably bound to his sense of identity and roots.

As I fiercely love all living creatures on this planet, I respect the differences between them Because I believe that the purity and sparkle of a dew drop is no less beautiful than a raging river.
Jidi Majia, Chinese Poet 





8:30 - 11:00 pm

Opening of (The Earth and Ever After)

An exhibition commissioned by SAC, curated by Mona Khazindar and Hamza Serafi

Gold Moor mall, gate 2, Al Zahra District

Al Hangar Exhibition

Al Hangar Exhibition

Athr Gallery

Athr Gallery


6:30 pm

[Al Hangar] Exhibition

Corner of Nahda st and Nahdat Al Adab


Athr Visit

Contemporary Art and Project Spaces exhibitions opening

Serafi Mega Mall, Tahlia Street, 5th Floor Office Towers


Tasami Gallery Visit

Serafi Mega Mall, Tahlia Street, 1st floor



5:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Preview of [In Praise of Hands]

Hosted by Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels boutique on Tahlia St,Jameel Square



9:15 am - 1:15 pm

21,39 Symposium

Noor Taibah Hall, Abdullah Al Khurayji street

5:00 pm

[Al Mangour: Loved & Beloved] Exhibition

Ahmad Sami Angawi's Al Mangour solo exhibition in collaboration with Athr

Al Hoosh, Balad.

6:00 pm

[The Everlasting Now] Exhibition

Emy Kat Solo exhibition curated by Hamza Serafi

Nassief House, Al Balad



8:00 pm

Hafez Gallery visit

Moneirah Mosley Exhibition Opening

3rd Floor Bougainvillea, King Abdulaziz Road


workshop & talks


W-01-image 1.JPG


By Ayman Yossri Daydban

The workshop aims to reinforce affiliation and expression of the human relationship with his/her land, because a homeland doesn’t merely mean the land, it exceeds that, and dives into existential awareness. As human emotion has been molded in a way or another on the need to belong to a certain place.

In this workshop, participants were asked to bring a sample of the earth from their favorite place in Jeddah, and to make a video during the process of collection the earth. Using these samples they created a giant map of Jeddah.



IMG_0873 copy.jpg

Negative and Cyanotype

By Osama Esid

2-DAY PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP. You will learn how cyanotype chemistry works to create an insoluble prussian blue pigment You will learn how to sensitise paper, and can experiment with different coating techniques to make your own cyanotype prints. You will learn how photograms work, and we encourage you to bring along interesting objects that can be flattened to make interesting compositions

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 1.06.46 PM.jpg

A panel discussion: Barakah MEETS Barakah

Mahmoud Sabbagh (Director) Hisham Fageeh (Actor) Fatima Albanawi (Actor)

Join us for a panel discussion with the director and stars of "Barakah meets Barakah", the first Saudi feature film to screen at the Berlin Film Festival with great critical acclaim. The discussion will be moderated by Saudi artist Ahmed Mater. Barakah Meets Barakah is a comedy-drama set in contemporary Saudi Arabia. A story of romance and public space, where a local guy and girl keep trying to meet up in public.

IMG_0959 (1).jpg

Urban Sketching

By Samia Kashoggi

The workshop aims to shed light on the importance of compositional and perspective techniques in creating interesting sketching of urban scenes. participants should have some basic sketching and coloring knowledge. inspirational images will be provided and basic sketching supplies. If participants wish they can bring their own sketching pens and any medium to color with such as a small portable watercolors or marker pens.

IMG_1004 (1).jpg

The City of Madinah from the Sky

By Moath Al-Ofi

This work reveals the heritage of Al-Madinah AlMunawarah and discloses its surrounding treasures that date back thousands of years through aerial photography and site documentation.


Free Sketching

By Mashael Al Shareef

This workshop aims to introduce children to the wonders of free sketching and captivating the world around them through artistic expression.

IMG_1278 (1).jpg

Introduction to Graffiti

By Maryam Abu-Shal

Day 1: Introduction to the history of graffiti and how it started and who are the leading artists in this field and other fields.

Day 2: Learning the simple ways to transform regular letters into graffiti letters.

Day 3: Introduction to graffiti characters and how to draw them.

Day 4: Practice of drawing graffiti letters and words on the wall.

IMG_1262 (1).jpg


By Samia Kashoggi

With all the food diversity we have today , it is difficult to ignore the vast stimulants our senses are experiencing every time we encounter food. we have developed a certain affinity to food , most of our senses are actively engaged around meals, be it a cup of coffee or a full feast. This calls for keeping a visual diary of interesting forms, colors and textures and it is a fun and productive way to spend waiting for shops to open during prayers’ time.




L'ECOLE: Discovering History of Jewlery

By Van Cleef & Arpels




By Saddiq Wasel

Turning used material into beautiful works of art


Exploring Sculpture

By Dina Zameli & Sanaa Maalouf

The participants will explore types and techniques of sculpture through visual exposure and hands on activities.


Let's Clay

By Nora Almazrooa & Nasrin Bakheet

In these workshops, participants will create two functional ware pieces in ceramics; a bowl and a coaster/fridge magnet/door sign. They will decorate the surface of the pieces, through different techniques.


Exploring Assemblage

By Dina Zameli & Sana Maalouf

The participants will explore the process of assemblage through collaborative and individual work and exposure to the actual work of artists.



By Wafaa Karrsha

This workshop seeks to teach the technique of optical illusion for porcelain. Participants will use watercolors on porcelain and then apply the necessary heat. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 8.00.54 PM.png

Decide .. and change your life

By Faisal Sheraiff

The talk will take you on an inspirational journey on how social entrepreneurship will change your perspective on life.


Intro To SmartPhone Photography

By Moaz Aldahry

The workshop will talk about the accessibility of having a camera in everyone’s pocket, and using it in the right way.



Muath2b- editing photos via smartphones2.jpg

Editing Photos via SmartPhone

By Moaz Aldahri

The workshop will talk about the accessibility of having a camera in everyone’s pocket, and using it in the right way.



Ed Infographic_vector-06.png
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Ed Infographic_vector-04.png
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